Why should you have a Health Assessment?

June 23, 2022

We want to ensure we prescribe a program that fits your goals and abilities, so you get the most for your time and energy. The LEAR Health Assessment examines your current state of health and physical activity levels. By accumulating this information, it will allow us to set you on a journey to review and enhance your lifestyle, we will support you in transforming your health and achieving your goals.

Every 'body' moves in an individual way. Some movements are desired, but at times our bodies may compensate to complete a movement. These compensations can expose us to potential injuries and biomechanical imbalances. LEAR Health Assessments look at all different components of movement, allowing us to get to know you and your body better. This way, a tailored programme can be prescribed to tackle the areas that need more focus to correct compensations, areas of tightness and overactivity or muscle groups that may be weaker.

Our Health Partners will also be assessing your general health and cardiorespiratory fitness. It is important to have regular reviews of your body composition, blood pressure and heart rate as abnormal values can predispose you to medical health conditions such as stroke, heart attacks and diabetes. By having regular reviews with us we can track any anomalies and highlight areas that may require further attention. It is vital to know and understand your medical history so we can place you in the correct setting to enhance a healthy lifestyle without putting you at risk.

Cardiorespiratory (CR) training is important in keeping a healthy heart. From a health perspective, poor levels of CR fitness are linked to a higher risk of disease and death whereas an increase in CR fitness is linked to reduction of risk of death from health-related causes. During the LEAR Health Assessment, we can evaluate your current CR fitness in a safe way to get an understanding of your level of fitness to guide our treatment and prescription.

By following your tailored prescription, a positive change will be reflected in your movement assessment, CR fitness and even the medical components of body composition. Regular reviews will be scheduled between you and your Health Partner to check how your prescription is going and retesting parts of the LEAR Health Assessment that are specific to you.

So, the real question is why wouldn't you have a health assessment?! Your Health is important to you and it is important to us, so let's work together and achieve these goals!

Start your health journey.

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