Why is Hybrid Training important?

May 24, 2022

IMPORTANCE OF HYBRID TRAINING - Why we love our new hybrid training and why we think you will too!

-  By Health Partner Katy Stroomer


"As explained in a previous post, our new Hybrid training classes aim to incorporate all principles of training. This is because we understand that your body works a little bit like a machine, with all the ‘cogs’ turning together,  therefore through training we should be encouraging all those different systems in our body to work together optimally.

Through strength, mobility and flexibility, you will develop optimal movement patterns to improve your day to day function and athletic capabilities, as well as reducing your risk of injury. Everybody will have slightly different movement patterns, strengths and weaknesses - luckily your health partners are experts in analysing movement and giving you the most appropriate exercises for your individual needs, even within a class setting!

We will also be training your cardiovascular system at a safe and suitable level for you, to improve heart and lung function, this will reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attacks and stroke.

We understand that your body is not just parts stuck together, but a collection of systems working together to keep you moving - we just want to make them more efficient!

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