What is the LEAR Movement Screen?

May 11, 2021

The LEAR Movement screen is part of your Health Assessment and has been specifically designed by our physiotherapists to test the efficiency of your movement. It is comprised of a wide range of motions that test how well each joint is moving. We're looking for tightness, weakness, or any sort of restriction that's going to hinder you from reaching your goal. We're also looking at how your body naturally moves, and any areas you're particularly strong in. These results will form the basis of your exercise prescription. Isn't it annoying when you're in a good routine of exercise and then an injury comes out of the blue to set your training back? Any area of tightness or weakness puts that area of your body at higher injury risk. If we can detect these during the assessment, we can plan the content of your sessions to include exercises to improve those areas, and therefore keeping you strong, healthy, and working towards your goals uninterrupted from injury!

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