What is the LEAR Health Partnership and how is it different?

April 19, 2021

The last year has made us even more determined to pursue the purpose of LEAR, which is to materially improve the health of over a million people across the UK, by creating a unique health partnership with each and every one of you. We all know that with any great partnership, the more we put into it, the more we get out of it. Therefore a LEAR HEALTH PARTNER will be assigned to every client, and the relationship will be renewed with our unique LEAR Health Partnership Assessment (LHPA) – designed as a holistic and comprehensive evaluation of your current health and physical status – whether you wish to enhance and maintain your overall health, or need to address underlying health conditions.

The LEAR Health Partnership Assessment (LHPA) will provide a clear set of individual data that will enable your LEAR Health Partner to build a bespoke health programme with you, designed to achieve your desired outcomes based on hard facts. This programme – called the LEAR Personal Commitment Programme (LPCP), will provide a blend of specialist services including: physiotherapy, sports massage, Pilates (mat and reformer), hybrid training (LEAR’s functional exercise classes), and if appropriate pre and rehabilitation therapy – indeed whatever is needed to help you achieve your desired health outcomes. To demonstrate our commitment to your long term health, the assessment (LHPA) will be provided again for no cost at the end of the first stage of your personal programme (LPCP), when our objective is to ensure that together we have achieved your outcomes, enabling you to plan to maintain your health, or for new goals to be set!


To conform to current COVID requirements, we will only be providing 1-1 or 1-2 treatments between the 12th April and the 17th May, after which the full proposition will be available. From the 12th April we ask that you undertake our new health assessment (LHPA) in order to access our service. This will be free of charge and represents our real and tangible investment into your health, as it is worth in excess of £250.00. Whilst there will be no cost to you, we would hope that in a spirit of partnership you will decide to commit to a long term relationship with LEAR focused entirely on improving and maintaining your health. Our commitment is that irrespective of which type of service (including 1-1 sessions) is required to help you achieve your goals the cost is now only £19.00 per session. In return we ask you to purchase the agreed sessions one month in advance, and at the end of each month your Health Partner will review progress with you, and if necessary amend your personalised programme (LPCP).


1. Everyone should take the LEAR Health Partnership Assessment (LHPA) in order that the right health programme can be put in place.

2. The credit system will cease and payment will now be simply for the agreed number of sessions, jointly agreed to achieve individual outcomes – this will be paid one month in advance at the cost of £19.00 per session. Existing credits will transfer on a one for one basis into sessions.

3. Classes will be designed to achieve your specific outcomes based on your current ability, ensuring no-one is in a setting that is not appropriate to them

4. Until the 17th May, we will only be able to provide 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 (same household) services. After this date our full range of services will be available.

(Please note: A separate 1:1 Physiotherapy and Sports Massage service will still be available for individuals who have specific injuries and only wish for these to be resolved – the cost of this remains the same: £70 and £65 for an hour or £42 and £35 for half an hour respectively.)

This client partnership is not just for the short term. LEAR Health Partners will continue to support their clients’ progress with weekly contact, through treatment, exercise classes, training schedules, or simply being an enthusiastic voice of support and encouragement.

Start your health journey.

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