Our Health Partners are loving the new Personal Commitment Programme

June 9, 2021

Fantastic words and feedback from Health Partner Roisin based in Leamington Spa about our new LEAR Health Assessment

"Having the Health Assessment as part of the new service at LEAR could not have come sooner. Most people's lives have changed dramatically over the past year and half, and we have used our bodies in a whole different way. The Health Assessment has helped highlight areas where people may have been struggling or compensating without even realising it. I have then been able to offer clients physiotherapy sessions and advice to help overcome these issues to prevent future injury. Having the health assessment before having people back in classes has helped me plan each of my sessions with a true focus for each individual and it has been excellent to see everyone improve in areas that needed more attention.

The Health Assessment is very unique experience as a whole 2 hours is dedicated between client and health partner, giving valued time to build that rapport. As I started with LEAR in October, I was only in the clinic meeting clients for 3 weeks before going into lockdown. The Health Assessment has helped me really connect with clients and be able to get my own personality and professional experience across."

Here is some great feedback from Health Partner Lauren of her experience completing Health Assessments so far:

"I’ve had such a positive response from clients to the assessment - they feel like they are learning more more about themselves in terms of health and movement than they had expected and they really seem to appreciate the clear explanations that we are able to provide them in terms of what they need to work on based on the findings of the assessment.

Certainly in terms of my practice I have found out things about clients during the assessment that they hadn’t previously disclosed in Physio or Pre Pilates assessments because they didn’t think it was relevant and having that information has really helped in terms of goal setting, explaining why they move in a certain way and also in tailoring the classes to their needs.

Plus I have had clients who adamantly do not like cardio or do not like the gym respond very positively to the Hybrid classes and have been seeking to attend more of them as they’re finding them enjoyable."

Katy Stroomer, Health Partner in Harrogate, describes the first week of being fully open:

"Having everyone back in real life this week has been absolutely brilliant. Not only is it great to be able to run through a whole class with nobody worrying about WIFI dropping out but the interaction with and between clients has brought so much life back into the building that we have really missed!

Getting to do Health Assessments prior to having people back in classes has been a real bonus too, being 100% confident that everyone in the class is working at a similar level and being able to tailor the classes to the specific needs of each attendee based on their recent assessments just makes our time in the studio/gym even more beneficial and enjoyable!!

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