LEAR Classes

May 11, 2021

MAT PILATES - Mat Pilates is great for building those fundamental movement patterns, gaining an understanding of how to activate and mobilise different joints and muscle groups throughout your body. Mat Pilates builds through foundational movements up to more complex and challenging exercises to work your strength, stability and mobility.

REFORMER PILATES - Reformer Pilates is similar to Mat pilates in many ways, like how we activate and mobilise through movement. However the reformer adds some resistance for a bit more of a strength challenge and can also make a variety of exercises easier for injuries and stiff joints.

HYBRID TRAINING - This is a gym-based class aimed at combining cardiovascular fitness, strength and mobility, drawing on our health partners’ knowledge of anatomy and physiology to provide a workout which challenges all fitness principles in a safe and tailored way.

All participants in our classes must have completed a Health Assessment with us first so we get to know you, any injuries, and what goals you want to work towards

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