How will the LEAR movement screen affect your prescription?

May 11, 2021

Our health partners will take you through a series of 22 movements during your movement screen, working through various positions from lying into standing. Each movement has been carefully selected by our Physiotherapy Health Partners to tell us something different about how your body moves. Your health partner will analyse your performance of each motion to identify any strengths, weaknesses and compensatory patterns your body may have.

Following this assessment your health partner will prescribe you which type and level of class is most suitable for you to attend, making sure that the classes you are set will facilitate progress towards your specific goals in the safest and most efficient format possible.

If there is an area identified during the movement screen that your health partner thinks would benefit from physiotherapy or sports massage input then this will be reflected in your prescription.

Your health partner will also be able to use the information from your movement screen to set you some appropriate exercises to work on at home to enhance your progress, and to complete on those weeks when you might not be able to attend a session.

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