How does the LEAR pricing work?

May 24, 2022

The two-hour health assessment is valued at £250 but if you commit to a plan with us at LEAR, then the Health Assessment will be provided by LEAR as the start of our partnership and as our investment in you. Once you have had your assessment, your health partner will set a prescription with you for the type of sessions and how frequently you will be attending LEAR. Under this programme all sessions will be priced at £19 per session regardless of the type or duration of the session. We hope this will give our clients the flexibility to attend the right types of sessions for you as part of your prescription by removing any barriers created by cost. We do ask that clients pay for the first month up front and you will get a reminder at the end of each month to pay for the following month.


What will happen to the purchases I have already made?

Any credits or sessions already purchased will be converted directly into sessions under the new programme once you have completed your health assessment.


What if I just want to attend for Physiotherapy?

We will still offer stand-alone Physiotherapy assessments and follow up treatments outside of this programme. These will be priced at the normal rate of £70 for an initial assessment or 60 minute follow up appointment or £42 for a 30 minute follow up appointment. However for clients who are signed up to the health assessment programme, physiotherapy sessions are included in the pricing scheme should you need physio at any time during your journey with us

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