April 21, 2021
  1. Why do I need to have an Assessment if I’m already a current client? Why do I need to have an Assessment if I have been able to train with you virtually all through lockdown?

We haven’t seen you much (if at all) over the last year. The world has changed and so has LEAR. We have adapted our business to meet the new needs of the community. We need to get to know you all over again and we feel you need to understand your own health because of everything that has changed. The Health Assessment will give both of us an in-depth view of where you are currently at so we can create a starting point to get you back to where you were, or even better.  

  1. How much is the Assessment?  

The value in our new assessment process is in the pathway. The assessment is ‘free’ because there will be no initial outlay to you; we are investing in your health. Your investment happens when you commit to your prescription. The value of the 2 hour appointment is £250.

  1. What will the assessment involve?  

The LEAR Health Assessment is comprised of:  

  • a full medical screen (blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight, BMI, waist measurement, medical history);  
  • A full movement screen (exercises designed to determine range of movement, quality of movement and areas to be developed);
  • Cardio assessment – Aastrand Cycle Test – to assess your cardiovascular ability and VO2 max
  • Exercise Prescription – your Health Partner will use the data from the above assessments to create a unique and bespoke pathway for you to progress your goals.
  • Can we charge the gov for assessments  

  1. I liked the gym class format that you did before lockdown, how will that be changing?  

Our classes are now all Physio-led. This means that they are taught by or overseen by a Physiotherapist. Our classes are different – they cater for individual needs, are holistic and are designed to help clients progress, no matter what their goals are. You will still get a sweat on; you will still get a buzz; you will still burn calories. This will all be under the eye of a well-qualified exercise professional who knows the best way to help you improve.

  1. Can I still do HIIT training with you?

Cardio training will be part of people’s exercise prescriptions, however we will not be running specific, traditional class types.

  1. I don’t have any injuries or health problems, why do I still need an assessment?  

The HA isn’t necessarily to find injuries. It is to give us a comprehensive view of your current health status to enable us to give you a personalised prescription which will help you progress.

  1. What if I do not want an assessment?

We appreciate you might not feel this is right for you. However, this is what our new business direction is. What is it that you are looking for? We may be able to signpost you to the right place.

  1. What is the new pricing structure?

All LEAR Sessions cost £19 each, regardless of type or duration. The added value is in the regular follow-ups and check-ins with your Health Partner and also that all sessions are led by a very qualified medical professional.

  1. What are the new gym classes called?

LEAR Hybrid Training - the perfect blend of cardio, effective movement and strength work all in one.

  1. What is the plan for regular Continued Professional Development for the team?

We have used the last year productively. We have ensured that our whole team has kept up to date with essential training requirements such as First Aid. We have also implemented weekly Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sessions for the Health Partners to ensure they are all ready to assess you and provide solutions for your needs. Moving forward, we will be having weekly training sessions.  

  1. Are there any plans to hire more PTs?

We have now introduced a holistic exercise program which is Physio-led. We are still offering gym-based exercise and Pilates, blended together. All our Health Partners are fully qualified to lead this program.

  1. Is my prescription changeable/variable?

Once an Exercise Prescription has been set and agreed between a client and a Health Partner, it is subject to regular review and adaptations can be made accordingly. Prescriptions are malleable.

  1. What if I only want to do classes?

Our policy is that all clients (new and old) must have a Health Assessment to ensure you will be doing the training that is most beneficial to you. Each person’s pathway will be different, according to your needs.

  1. What if I can only attend once a week?

Once you have had a Health Assessment, and we understand what is best for you, then we can make a decision on how best to work with you.

  1. What if I do not want to proceed after the HA?

You always have a choice. If you are new to LEAR, you take part in the Health Assessment and then decide the program is not for you, then the cost of £250 will be payable and you are welcome to take your results away.

Start your health journey.

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