Core and Pelvic Floor Control

May 24, 2022


Did you know that pelvic floor dysfunction does not only affect pregnant or post-natal women? It can affect anyone, and is usually caused by trauma to the pelvic floor (e.g childbirth), prolonged excess pressure (e.g pregnancy), obesity, pelvic cancers, or overusing the pelvic floor muscles (e.g straining whilst going to the bathroom). People with pelvic floor dysfunction often just accept that there is little they can do about it, but likely this is incorrect!

Your pelvic floor is at the bottom of your deepest layer of core muscles. That means that exercise such as Pilates where you are consciously activating your core, will also work the pelvic floor.

At LEAR we understand that the pelvic floor is a muscle just like any other, that can be strengthened successfully with the right coaching. The stronger your deepest core muscles are, the more robust your body will become. That means that simple aspects of life you just accepted before such as leaking urine when you run, or getting up multiple times a night to go to the toilet, CAN BE HELPED!

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