Class Levels

April 29, 2021

At LEAR we split our classes into 3 levels so that it enables people to exercise safely with others of similar abilities. It means that you'll never be left behind, but also you'll be pushed to progress appropriately.


LEVEL 1 is where most people will start if they haven't exercised before. The class will be slightly lower intensity, and we will spend more time working on learning the correct technique for various exercises. The slower pace of the class will allow you time to learn to activate your muscles correctly, and gently build up strength and endurance. It will also allow you to improve your cardiovascular fitness without pushing yourself too hard. The choice of exercises in the class will also be safer and more stable for those who struggle with balance.


By level 2, everyone should have a better understanding of movement and of their body. Expect to start either using some weights or working against more challenging resistance. You will be challenged with more complicated exercises maybe recruiting several different muscle groups at once, and in some more difficult positions as well! The pace of the class will be slightly faster, but you will always be given the time that you need to perform your exercises correctly. Technique and safety is the most important thing to us.


Level 3 is for those who have built really strong and fluid movement patterns, strength and endurance. Expect to be working with either more resistance or for longer time periods in this class. The class will be slightly quicker paced again, as we expect everybody by this stage to be able to activate the correct muscles with ease and have good mind-body co-ordination. Generally, if you're in a level 3 class you will not have any acute injuries or significant pain. These classes will involve whole body multi-directional movements. The aim is to really excel your functional movement patterns and bullet-proof your body from injury.

A vital component of our LEAR Health Assessment is establishing which class level each client will benefit from the most! Your prescription will set you which level classes you should be attending, but then you have the choice of which days and times


Your Health Partner can also modify which level class you are most suited for during your prescription! It might be you have progressed really well and are ready for a higher level, or it might be you have sustained an injury and are suitable to keep training, but at a lower level class to accommodate your recovery

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