Cardiovascular Training

May 24, 2022

Cardiovascular Training with your LEAR Health Partners


- by Health Partner Roisin in Leamington Spa

"Every LEAR Hybrid Training class will be planned by a Health Partner for those exact individuals in the session. This will include ensuring that the cardiovascular intensity is appropriate for every individual based upon the results from their Health Assesment.

Every client will have different cardiovascular capabilities and goals, so expecting all class participants to work at the same intensity is not realistic, appropriate or safe.

Our LEAR Health Partners will be utilising two well known cardiovascular training principles:


LISS = Low Intensity Steady State Training

LISS is a method of cardio exercise in which you do an aerobic activity at a low-moderate intensity for a longer period of time. Having a low intensity workout means you can stay at a steady pace for a longer period of time (usually 45-60 minutes).  LISS training is any endurance workout that is around 50-65% of your max heart rate. With a LISS workout, you should still be able to hold a conversation making it a fantastic form of exercise and sociable within a class environment. LISS is a great session to incorporate into your weekly workouts as it requires minimum recovery time and is suitable for everyone no matter what injury or fitness level.


- Aids in fat burning & weight loss

- Posture improvement

- Improves your body’s cardiovascular capacity

- Beginner friendly

- It is a great recovery after a difficult work out

- Excellent stress reliever

LISS workout ideas:

- Pilates

- Hybrid Exercise Classes

- Swimming

- Rowing

- Cycling

- Yoga


HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training

High-intensity interval training comprises short bursts of high-intensity exercises interspersed with short periods of lower-intensity workout and recovery. The specific amount of time you spend exercising depends on both the activity and the intensity with which it is performed. Ideally, a HIIT session ranges from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), HIIT comprises activities that increase your heart rate to 80-90% of your personal maximum capacity. The underlying principle of the workout is that the shorter the duration of the movement, the higher its intensity.

HIIT can improve:

- Cardiovascular health

- Insulin sensitivity

- Cholesterol levels

- Blood pressure

- Fat loss in the body

However HIIT sessions are not always ideal. They are not beginner friendly and there is a greater chance of causing an injury compared to a LISS session. Throughout LISS training, your form and control can be addressed correctly to ensure you are working your muscles in an optimal capacity. After HIIT sessions you may find that your body needs 24-48 hours of recovery, and sometimes more or you can cause an injury. With LISS training recovery time is short which allows for more steady training to be completed during the week. Both HIIT and LISS training principles are important, and that is why with our Hybrid exercise class we incorporate all fundamental principles of exercise appropriately for every client.

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