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It all starts with an assessment.
In order for us to help and assist you we must first get to know you.


We offer a range of services as part of the LEAR journey; including Physiotherapy, Pilates, and Fitness Classes.


Our team of highly qualified, experienced Physiotherapists can assess and guide you with rehabilitation and determine the right treatment and exercise for you. We offer a full Physiotherapy service

Physiotherapy is designed to assess how you would cope in the gym, its worth investing in!


Pilates is a life changing exercise. It is a great way to keep fit and to exercise your whole body and is suitable for all ages. We offer both Reformer and Mat Pilates classes for different levels of ability. Before attending our classes, you are required to have a 1:1 30 minute Pre Pilates Assessment, to discuss any medical conditions or issues you may have. (This may be purchased separately or as part of a credits package, please refer to Our Prices for further information).

Reformer Pilates is a great for working on your core strength.


Attending fitness classes can be tough. Easy to stay at the back and not engage. We offer a range of small group studio-based fitness classes including - Strength Training, Core Blast, and Circuits. 


We also have a range of Physio-led Fitness classes. These classes are ideal for getting back into exercise after a break or starting a new fitness programme. (These classes require a Pre Assessment with a Physiotherapist before you start).

A fitness class can be a great way to get that blood flowing and help you mentally.


We offer cancer pre and rehabilitation exercise classes for women and men. These 30 minute classes are taught by our trained Physiotherapists. If you would like more details, please call our Reception team.

Exercise at your pace with our PINC and STEEL programs.


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Classes from August 2020

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